Welcome to Parable Arts, a collective of creative artists devoted to the seeking, shaping and sharing of stories.

Stories are the foundation of every form of communication.  We each have story, and that story will inform, educate, enlighten and shape the journey of others.  Parable Arts exists to continue that rich tradition of sharing stories.  As artists and performers we follow in the footsteps of thousands before us; seeking the stories around us and providing a platform to bring them to light, preserve them, and pass them on.

Who are we?

We’re a collective of artists who specialise in small-scale, intimate storytelling pieces; bringing hidden and half-remembered stories to light and providing them a platform to shine.

Current Repertoire

Keep up to date with what productions, performances and workshops we have coming up, and see what’s happening in your area. 

Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you; whether you’d like to host or attend a performance, book a workshop, share your own story, or just to say hello.