Measure For Measure

Jon was delighted to be asked to work with our good friends at Heady Conduct Theatre as a creative consultant for their production of Measure for Measure at The Rose Playhouse on London’s Bankside.

“Vienna has fallen into disarray, decadence and debauchery after decades of corrupt rule, with justice turning a blind eye. A chaotic city, full of hot heads and hot beds, driven by an alluring beat. The Duke has fled, appointing the cool headed, cold hearted Angelo to make things right. When Angelo sentences Claudio to death for breaking the law on his watch, Claudio’s virtuous sister Isabella is dragged from the nunnery to help, but Angelo’s autocracy begins to waver in the face of the enigmatic Isabella.

Purity has never looked so good.”

Following on from the fantastic success of their debut production, Reckless, Heady Conduct were commisioned to develop this chaotic, intoxicating and electrifying play as part fo the Shakespeare 400 celebrations. The timeless themes of power, hypocrisy, sex, faith and justice continue to resonate today, but don’t just take our word for it, it seems the critics agree:

UK Theatre Network –  “This is a company which is on a path to a glorious future.”

★★★★ “This is not a performance to be missed” Theatre Bubble

★★★★“Shakespeare at its best – riveting, rapid and loud.” – Londontheatre1

★★★★ “The approach to the text is contemporary and fresh” – Remote Goat

★★★★ “A perfect baptism into Shakespeare’s works” – A Scatter of Opinion