Good Friday

Crucifixion imageThe classic Passion Play is brought to life as a brand new Musical.


We were thrilled to be asked to get involved with this production, back in January, and leaped at the chance.  Our founder, Jon, was invited by the highly talented folks at Amblecote Christian Centre to direct this musical Passion Play charting the story of Jesus, and those touched by his message, in the final hours before his crucifixion.

This was a brand new venture for Parable Arts, and one we were really excitied to take on.  The whole piece was skillfully and artfully written and the original compositions for the production were absolutely fantastic.  The entire team were dedicated and committed far above and beyond the call of duty, and we’ve definitely made some friends for life.

For more information have a look at the Good Friday website here, or the Good Friday facebook page here.  Below are some of our favourite shots from the production, and Jon has written a brief blog all aout the experience, which you can read here.

Rehearsal still, Good Friday b&w3

Singing through a few of the songs with Tim, the co-writer.

Rehearsal still, Good Friday b&w2

Early blocking of the a scene; Jon always likes to direct bare-foot, which he says helps him think (we just think he’s peculiar).

Rehearsal still, Good Friday b&w

Jesus and Mary have a moment of connection on the way to the cross.

Jon giving direction to the cast

Rehearsals were busily underway, with Jon on hand to direct and a truly dedicated team the results were quick to come.

rehearsal shot 5

rehearsal shot 6

The Guards can pound!

The guards can pause!     It all got a bit tense (intentionally)

Peter and Judas

Judas and Peter face-off after Jesus’ betrayal.

The Band.

The Band were fantastic, really slick, and added a great energy to the production.

We love a String Section.

We love a string-section!

Jon getting hands-on.

Logistics of Crucifixion – who knew it would be so complex?

rehearsal shot 12

We got it right in the end, though.

Not Long to Go

venue rehersals 3

Before we knew it, we’re in the venue for the performances!

venue rehersals 1

venue rehersals 2

in venue

Crew passes were a necessity!

Rigging day in the theatre.

As was caffeine!

Pre-show pep-talk!

A final pre-show pep-talk, and suddenly all the months of hard work were put into action – it was Show Time!

showshot 2

showshot 3


A huge thank you to everyone who gave so much to make this wonderful project happen!  We were so proud of all of the team, and they really put everything they had into the production.

It was a rip-roaring success!