Performance Combat

There’s always a great story to be told through a combat.  Parable Arts founder, Jon Buckeridge, is a highly qualified expert in the field, with several years of experience behind him.  If you’re looking for a fight-director, or have a performance fight that needs choreography please contact us.

“Jon ran a day for our company working with two casts on two separate productions.  He provided a perfect blend of professionalism with very strong communication skills. He engaged all the actors extremely effectively, gaining their trust and respect and creating a positive working environment.  He created a physical performance vocabulary that demonstrated a very strong awareness of the context of each fight sequence. He ensured at all times the safety of the actors and worked in a way that developed their skills and confidence therefore releasing the performance further still.  He was a strong collaborator working alongside myself as director with ease.  I would not hesitate to have Jon work with the company at any point. ”  

Caroline Wilkes – Director, Saltmine Theatre Company