A nuanced and characterful performer, Rich started acting because he loved it, and that love has never gone away.

A graduate of The University of St Andrews, Rich is an immensely versatile actor, an exerienced director, and a writer with several published scripts and screenplays and texts to his name.

Boasting an experience of over twenty years in the industry, two Masters’ Degrees in the field, and a staggering range of knowledge in theatrical techniques and practices, Rich is a poweful asset to any company and always keen and willing to share the fruits of his learning and experience.

Rich has been creatively involved with a great deal of theatre companies as a performer or writer (or both), including Saltmine Theatre CompanySearchlight Theatre Company and Riding Lights Theatre Companyand is the co-founder of Attic Ladder Theatre Company.  

Rich is the course director of the performing arts track at Regents Theological College where he gets great satisfaction from helping others to also realise their God-given potential.