Miriam Sarin

 Miriam Headshot BWMiriam Sarin – Writer, Director, and Artistic Consultant

Miriam is an experienced writer, performer, and director, with over a decade of professional experience behind her.  Miriam is a fiercely talented actress, but her passions as a storyteller have increasingly led to the page, rather than the stage.

Having studied acting at New College, Nottingham, Miriam immediately began her professional career by being accepted into Saltmine Theatre Company.  During her time there Miriam was able to develop her talents and hone her craft even further, and begin to branch out as a director and writer.

Outside of her time at Saltmine, Miriam has worked as an actor and director with several companies, including Searchlight Theatre Company and 4Front Theatre CompanyCareer stage highlights include ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore, The Screwtape Letters and Dr Faustus. 

As her career developed, Miriam’s passion for writing has come to the forefront, and she has worked hard to become an established and experienced writer, with theatre credits including Who Do You Say I Am? and Becca, as well as several productions in conjunction with partnership organisations, including the West Midland Police Force, and the NHS.  Miriam is the proud holder of a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, and is now a fully fledged writer-at-large.  To find out more about Miriam’s writing career, visit her website here.


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