Who are we?

We’re a collective of artists who specialise in small-scale, intimate storytelling pieces; bringing hidden and half-remembered stories to light and providing them a platform to shine.  We’ve branded this style “Guerrilla Storytelling” – popping up everywhere and everywhen; never leaving any area quite the same as we found it.

We believe that stories should be told across all artistic disciplines, and throughout the Parable Arts collective we comprise actors, writers, directors musicians, singers, a fine-artist, an aerial-silks practitioner, a wood-carver, a performance-combat specialists, and a competitive sword-fighter… there’s a lot of strings to our bow.

Meet the Core Team

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Jon Buckeridge

Jon is a classically trained actor, writer, and director based in the West Midlands, characterised by piercing eyes, malleable physicality, and electric stage energy.

Miriam Sarin

Miriam is an experienced writer, performer, and director, with over a decade of professional experience behind her.  Miriam is a fiercely talented actress, but her passions as a storyteller have increasingly led to the page, rather than the stage.

Peter Kirkby

Peter is a talented actor, singer, musician and artist with a broad range and impressive skill-base.  A gifted guitarist with a great sensitivity to the needs of a performance, Peter is an asset to any ensemble.